Accessories and technical equipment –

anything you need to install the facade and ceiling cladding

SPIDI® – much more than just a facade and ceiling system

40 years of experience in rear-ventilated facade construction and countless reference projects speak for themselves. Architects, house builders, public authorities and installation companies appreciate the advantages that SPIDI® facade systems offer. These include comprehensive services as well as a range of accessories that has been tailored to the diverse options available with the SPIDI® facade system, and which of course complies with the applicable construction standards and laws in facade construction.

SPIDI® facade systems and their individual fasteners ensure a secure hold for visibly fixed and concealed fixed facades, for suspended ceilings, floor-to-floor installations, green facades and photovoltaic facades.


Not all substructures are the same. Whether concrete, wood, steel or substructures with a lower load capacity, such as honeycomb bricks, aerated concrete or porous concrete, Slavonia provides the safest and most cost-effective fastener for every substructure. If the brick type or attachment substructure is unknown, the Slavonia team will perform or arrange extraction tests on site.

The range of fasteners includes, among others:

  • frame dowels
  • bolt anchors
  • concrete screws
  • wood screws
  • metal screws
  • self-tapping screws
  • undercut anchors
  • injection anchors / adhesive anchors
  • various special anchor dowels

Wind brakes and adhesive tape

Using a highly breathable wind and water-proof wind brake foil protects the insulation from weather exposure for the long term. To ensure air-tight adhesion to the building, Slavonia has added suitable one-sided and double-sided adhesive tape to its range.

Tools & machines

Time is money, particularly on a construction site. That is why Slavonia provides the machines that allow SPIDI® facade systems to be installed quickly, conveniently and safely.

Laser from Nedo
Nedo lasers are indispensable and easy to operate. If they are used instead of chalk lines, wall bracket positions can be transferred to the wall more quickly, and profiles are easier to set up.

Professional tools from Makita

  • drills
  • hammer drills
  • drill drivers
  • impact drivers
  • power screwdrivers
  • rivet guns
  • … and don’t forget your battery-powered radio – so your favourite radio station is always with you!