Slavonia –

all-round service

Full service for flat roofs, green roofs and roof restorations

Over the course of almost six decades, Slavonia has become a sought-after specialist in the field of waterproofing for flat roofs and green roofs, bridges and car parks.

Slavonia also demonstrates its high-quality standards with a comprehensive range of services, from detailed consultation, planning new roofs and inspecting existing roofs, to training, leak detection and maintenance. A brief overview:

Status report

An existing roof is inspected for functionality and tightness, and a status report is created on the state of the flat roof.

Leak detection

When a flat roof leaks, action must be taken quickly. If the leak in the foil or bitumen membrane cannot be detected, Slavonia offers to examine the roof surface with leak detection devices. Experts at Slavonia can perform the leak detection, or the customer can purchase a leak detection device and ask Slavonia to provide instruction on its use.

For buildings whose contents require special protection (museums, hospitals, industrial buildings, etc.), roof monitoring systems and roof protectors can detect leaks in bitumen membranes or synthetic foils before any major damage occurs.

Planning and renovation concept

For existing roofs, Slavonia draws up cost-optimised renovation proposals under consideration of structural-physical aspects. If necessary, Slavonia will complete structural-physical calculations in order to maintain the function of the roof construction or structure for the long term. This involves planning documents for recommended system structures, tendering documents, bills of quantities, technical details, installation instructions and processing guidelines.

In case of green roofs, Slavonia offers suitable extensive, semi-intensive or intensive green roof systems in consideration of the permissible statics and other requirements.

Wind load calculation and fall protection

Depending on the roof structure, wind load calculations are necessary for the mechanical fixing of the roof package in order to determine the right type and quantity of roof fasteners.

Slavonia calculates the wind load and uses the plans provided to calculate the fall protection required for the flat roof. Whether this fall protection takes the form of safety railing, individual attachment points, safety ropes or rail systems, Slavonia offers the appropriate products.


Any roof waterproofing is only as good as its installation. That is why Slavonia offers training programmes relating to ISOFLAMM® K3 flat roof systems and RVS bridge waterproofing systems, conducts construction site instruction, and is at hand to clarify technical details.


The standard “ÖNORM B 3691 – Design and execution of roof waterproofing” prescribes annual maintenance for flat roofs, which Slavonia also offers.

If a maintenance contract is concluded, Slavonia will perform an annual visual inspection and assess the roof waterproofing. This includes the inspection of seams, connections, feedthroughs, fans, roof light domes, rows of windows, and roof drainage elements such as gullies, emergency drains, etc. Finally, a report on the state of the roof is provided along with photographic documentation.