ISOFLAMM® vapour-barrier membranes –

reliable protection for thermal insulation

Prevents vapour from damaging roof structures

Vapour barriers regulate the structural-physical balance in the roof structure. They are used to prevent moisture from penetrating a thermally insulated construction. If such moisture protection is not provided, moisture penetrates the insulation material, which results in the formation of mould and ultimately damages the basic structure of a building.

Vapour barriers are required for most roof structures such as non-ventilated roofs, for example, the preferred flat roof structure for residential, office, warehouse and industrial buildings.

As a specialist in flat roof waterproofing, Slavonia’s ISOFLAMM® flat roof waterproofing system naturally offers standardised vapour barrier membranes. ISOFLAMM® vapour barrier membranes are equipped with an aluminium compound reinforcement. They feature an especially high vapour barrier value with a water vapour permeability of sd ≥ 1,500 m.


ISOFLAMM® vapour-barrier membranes – moisture protection that lives up to its promise

As well as cold-bonding self-adhesive AustroVap® vapour barrier membranes, Slavonia also offers several vapour barrier designs suitable for torching:


ISOFLAMM® E-ALGV 5 vapour barrier meets the ÖNORM standard for these types of products. If not only provisional weather protection during the construction period or before roofing works are completed is asked for, but higher requirements are demanded, the ISOFLAMM® P-ALKV 5 plastomeric-bitumen-based UV-resistant waterproofing membrane is an appropriate and excellent choice for this purpose.

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