ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system –

a revolutionary solution for traffic-bearing surfaces

Fast and flexible: innovation with added value

Bridges, garages, car parks … Slavonia has developed a revolutionary solution for waterproofing traffic-bearing concrete surfaces: the ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system.

First, the low-viscosity and pore-filling epoxy resin ISOFLAMM® porfil. BIT is applied like a primer. Waterproofing is then completed with a single layer of the ISOFLAMM® Ponti GA 5 polymer-bitumen membrane.

This innovative combination has unique advantages over traditional methods: short waiting times before and during processing, as well as high levels of flexibility in terms of temperature, ground humidity, trafficability, and much more. With the ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system, all waterproofing work can be completed within just one day, depending on the weather and size of the area. These advantages benefit everyone: the workforce applying it, construction site managers, the owner of the building because of its long lasting properties and of course the environment.

ISOFLAMM® porfil. BIT and ISOFLAMM® Ponti GA 5 – the bridge waterproofing system that lives up to its promise

The ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system with its combination of epoxy resin and one layer of polymer-bitumen membrane (as per structural approval BTZ-0016 from the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering [OIB]) is by far the right choice.

ISOFLAMM® porfil. BIT has many advantages over traditional epoxy resins:

  • Can be applied down to a surface temperature of 0 °C and dew point difference of 0,8 °C
  • Impervious to rain
  • Can be walked on as soon as it has been applied
  • No quartz sand finish required
  • Ensures complete waterproofing while at the same time strengthening the concrete subsurface and improving its tear resistance
  • Solvent-free, free from volatile organic compounds (VOC content 0.0 %); eco-friendly and poses no threat to the health of people working with it

Benefits of ISOFLAMM® Ponti GA 5:

  • Waterproofing is completed with just one layer of polymer-bitumen membrane
  • Dimensionally stable, shrink-resistant, robust and temperature-resistant

When it comes to waterproofing traffic-bearing concrete surfaces, such as bridges, car parks and underground car parks, let our experts advise you in detail. For more information about the ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system please get in touch with us!