Accessories and technical equipment –

for professional flat roof waterproofing and a long service life

Quality must be assured, inspected – and resolved, if necessary

High-quality roof waterproofing membranes are as good as installed correctly. It is essential that their application is performed professionally and with great accuracy. Any damage suffered at some later point is to be fixed quickly and effectively. Slavonia provides an extensive portfolio of products for waterproofing flat roofs, green roofs, bridges, etc., as well as high-quality accessories, technical equipment and training.

For long term seaming of ISOFLAMM® double-layer bitumen membranes or AUSTROFOL® synthetic waterproofing membranes the automatic welding machines from Herz and hand-held hot-air guns are recommended. If necessary, the application engineers at Slavonia can provide training on how best to operate these devices.
Special accessories – such as pressure rollers for bitumen membranes, torching devices, safety knives, hooked blades, cat tongue trowels, etc. – round off the product range. Also included is the ISOFLAMM® “Nierndl” template: it is a valuable tool for the perfect way for waterproofing of details such as inside corners and outside corners.

Leaking roof? Slavonia provides the best possible solution

When a flat roof leaks, this is not necessarily because of flaws in the roof membranes. Leaks are often caused by damage done during maintenance work on air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, or just condensate water etc.

When there is a leak, you need to react quickly before major damage occurs. However, it is often not easy to find the leak. Slavonia offers high-quality leak detection systems that can help. There are two options. You can purchase a leak detection device and ask Slavonia to instruct you in its use. Or you can commission experts at Slavonia to detect the leak in your flat roof.

Damage to the basic structure of a building must be avoided – all the more so in buildings that require special protection like museums, hospitals or industrial halls containing expensive facilities, technical devices, etc. In such cases it makes sense to use roof monitoring and protecting systems. They allow leaks in bitumen membranes or synthetic foils to be detected more quickly in a monitoring system even upon arising – and fixed before a harmless incident causes serious consequences.