Slavonia –

more than 125 years of top quality

It started with the oak …

1893. The acquisition of the imperial and royal parquetry-plant Biach & Cie in Vienna`s 11th district, Zinnergasse 6, marks the beginning of Slavonia in Austria. The company name derives from the Slavonian oak, which ranks among the finest types of solid parquetry and symbolises eternity. After all, an oak tree can last for many generations.

From wood to highly innovative solutions

1960. Slavonia establishes a flat roof branch to provide the basis for the distribution of a brand-new solution in the waterproofing sector: polymer-modified bituminous roof sheeting. This is the beginning of ISOFLAMM® – a trademark which will soon meet with international success.

1980. The oil crisis of 1974/75 makes energy efficiency an important issue. Slavonia complies with this trend and launches SPIDI®, an innovative metal subconstruction that makes it possible to use thicker layers of thermal insulation in curtain-type rear-ventilated facade systems.

Slavonia Goes East

1990. Slavonia establishes a branch in the Slovak part of former Czechoslovakia.

1991. Slavonia establishes Petrokroft, a Russian joint venture in St. Petersburg.

Continuity and innovation

1995. In appreciation of Slavonia Baubedarf GesmbH’s outstanding position in domestic economy, the company is awarded the Federal Coat of Arms of Austria – just as it was once before in 1932! A mere two percent of domestic establishments have the privilege of decorating their labels with this extraordinary distinction.

1996. Slavonia expands its ISOFLAMM® system for roof waterproofing and offers a root-proof version of its double-layer membranes under the name ISOFLAMM® Exstrong wf 5. This groundbreaking and unique green roof waterproofing membrane represents a unique solution to avoid chemical root protection which otherwise is a standard component of root-resistant bituminous waterproofing sheets.

The Czech branch ISODOM a.s. is launched in Prague.

A new generation for a new millennium and a bright future

2000. Stefan Erker joins the company. As an IT specialist, the son of Dr Gunter Erker sets new standards in EDP and IT, creating a basis for efficient cost management and international sales management.

2006. Stefan Erker joins the management of Slavonia as a managing partner and heads the new subsidiary companies in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania to allow operative project-business realized in those countries.

That same year, Slavonia launches its first pilot projects in Austria with the newly developed ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system. The Slavonia ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system, which has a proven 25-year track record, is now combined with an innovative and completely solvent-free epoxy resin. This is the basis for a revolutionary solution in Austrian bridge construction.

2007. As the roof, facade and project business expands rapidly, the company decides to spin off its parquetry division and to relocate. Slavonia remains in Vienna’s 11th district, but moves all its offices to Hauffgasse 3-5. These modern offices in an excellent situated location are a perfect place to lead the company efficiently into the future.

2008. Slavonia expands its product range in waterproofing technology with high-quality PVC and FPO synthetic waterproofing membranes under its AUSTROFOL® brand.

2013. At the suggestion of ASFINAG (Autobahn and highway financing stock corporation), Slavonia develops TUNNELIT®, a long-lasting concrete protection system specially designed for tunnel coatings as well as similar applications.

2016. Slavonia works with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, to develop roof-greening systems with increased water retention that have been adapted to the changing climate. They are suitable for a wide range of uses, and they help protect the climate and maintain natural habitats.

2017. Thanks to the proven higher quality and longer durability of its ISOFLAMM® double-layer membranes, Slavonia becomes the first and only manufacturer in Austria to receive a Technical Permission (BTZ-0016) from the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB). This gives Slavonia the legal basis it needs to use its ISOFLAMM® double-layer membranes, tried and tested since 1962, in a single layer in category K3 for flat roofs, and in double layers for flat roofs with extensive and intensive greening as per ÖNORM B 3691.

2018. The Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB) extends Slavonia’s Technical Permission for the bridge-, parking deck- and garage area (BTZ-0016). On this legal basis, the ISOFLAMM® bridge waterproofing system, which was developed already years ago, can now be deployed according to Austrian regulations on bridge construction and similar applications in line with the legal legitimation of the OIB.

That same year, Slavonia expands its facade division with the Austrian team of Ensave and its line of extruded mounting brackets. Thus Slavonia rounds off its tried and tested SPIDI® facade system product range for all applications relating to curtain-type rear-ventilated facades. This strengthens the Slavonia facade team in terms of both technology and international sales.