Bituflex® liquid waterproofing –

a seamless addition to waterproofing membranes

Longlasting, ecological waterproofing solution

To ensure that waterproofing is durable for any type of construction, the waterproofing membrane range at Slavonia also includes the high-quality Bituflex® polymer-bitumen liquid waterproofing.

Some detailed situations on flat roofs make it difficult to use waterproofing membranes: in case of insufficient connection width on balconies or outside stairs; when wall or door connections, roof light domes, roof drains, complex penetrating structures such as railing supports or other kinds of installations need to be integrated in the waterproofing of flat roofs, balconies or terraces; or when accessibility calls for tailor-made solutions in case of ramps, etc.

This is where Bituflex® comes into play – a waterproofing solution which adapts itself fully to the contours of the surface and is ideally suited for, among other things, connecting the waterproofing membranes installed on surfaces seamlessly to penetrating structures and connections.


Bituflex® liquid waterproofing – quality that lives up to its promise

Bituflex® polymer-bitumen liquid waterproofing is a single-component liquid waterproofing on an emulsion basis with great expansibility. It requires no solvents and is thus especially eco-friendly. Its outstanding feature is a VOC content of 0 percent, therefore Bituflex® liquid waterproofing does not pose a risk to the health of the person applying it.

Bituflex® liquid waterproofing is easy to use. If the container is not emptied, it can simply be closed again, so the residual material can be re-used. As a result, Bituflex® has a high yield and makes it very economical to use.

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