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Every SPIDI® wall bracket can be used as fixed point as well as sliding point.

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Facade: We provide wind load, static and structural-physical calculations.

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our product range also includes concrete protection for tunnels and bridges?

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Established 1893 in Vienna, Slavonia initially focused on making parquetry and veneers. The company expanded its portfolio by a new waterproofing technology in 1960 and added facade engineering in 1980.

Today, Slavonia is in high demand far beyond Austria’s borders as a specialist for rear-ventilated facade construction and waterproofing. The company has kept its name – derived from the Slavonian oak, one of the finest types of wood for solid parquetry. And that name still stands for two key aspects of Slavonia: durability and sustainability.

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Our core competencies

Waterproofing technology

In the 60 years since the first APP polymer-bitumen membrane was marketed in Austria, Slavonia has made an international name for itself with its continuously expanding range of ISOFLAMM® brand waterproofing membranes.

More than 30 million square metres of flat and green roofs, terraces, bridges and car parks have so far been insulated with sustainable ISOFLAMM® brand waterproofing membranes. High standards in both material and processing are ensured by a spirit of innovation, a strong awareness of quality, and decades of experience. … read more

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Facade engineering

When Slavonia developed its SPIDI® facade system 40 years ago, it was far ahead of its time. An exceedingly flexible fastening system, SPIDI® is suitable for all rear ventilated facade construction projects and ensures a secure hold for visibly fixed and invisibly fixed facade cladding, suspended ceilings, green facades and photovoltaic facades.

There are many aspects that speak for Slavonia: high processing quality, stability, the option of optimal facade insulation, and unbeatable cost-effectiveness, but also decades of experience in rear-ventilated facade construction. … read more

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