Our philosophy –

 long-lasting & environmentally friendly system solutions

Sustainable with no predetermined breaking points

We want to be defined not by what we say, but what we do. Accordingly, the Slavonia philosophy is more than just a few lines of nice-sounding words – it is a lived company culture.

Our goal is to develop innovative products and system solutions with added value for the customer. That also includes doing what is best for both our customers and our environment over the long term. An unwavering commitment to ecology and the protection of our planet’s resources have led us to pay particular attention to issues surrounding sustainability: we avoid the use of biocides, pesticides, plasticizers and other problematic substances in the development and manufacture of our products.

Another key criterion from the very beginning has been product durability. Our products are high-quality and built to last, with no predefined breaking points or planned product attrition factored in to the design. Good workability and safe assembly are vitally important as well.

Slavonia’s business has thrived for almost 130 years, a consequence not only of our outstanding products, but also of the respectful, appreciative way in which we treat our customers, suppliers, and partners – many of whom have relied on us for decades. The same goes for our team: every employee of our family business has the opportunity to grow and develop, take independent action, and bring his or her own ideas and suggestions to the table. Quick decision-making, flexibility, and rapid implementation are just a few of our strengths.